The main characteristics of aluminum flat covers manufactured and installed by A.T Covers s.r.l. are the

  • PREFABRICATED ELEMENTS: All materials used are aluminum and stainless steel entirely built of prefabricated elements
  • FLAT PANELS: the flat cover panels, removable, self-supporting and walkable are made of 5754-H32 aluminum sheet , 2.5 mm thickeness.
  • TRUSSES: the Trusses are made of aluminum 6060 T5 or 6061 T6.
  • ACCESSORIES: the fasteners (bolts, special rivets, etc.) in aluminum 7075-T73 and / or 300 stainless steel; The gaskets and seals in Hypalon or similar.
  • MANHOLES: the aluminum access hatches and manholes required extraction equipment are built based on a specific project design.

A.T Covers provides custom cover designs that are easily installed and removed as needed.

The advantages of our aluminum flat covers compared to other solutions are the followings:

  • Lightweight: The weight of the magnesium aluminum covers alloy is inferior to other materials used to cover the tanks and it is about a third of the iron, steel, bronze and especially fiberglass. In case of maintenance at the equipment installed in the tanks or tanks cleaning the aluminum covers can be totally
  • Design flexibility (uniform structure ): Aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratios and creative component design yield covers and structures that cannot be achieved with other materials, especially fiber of glass.
  • Corrosion resistance: Aluminum is inherently corrosion resistant versus other alloys. It will last the lifetime of the structure and will not need to be painted or repainted for protection from the atmosphere As shown in over 50,000 installations in the world on all types of sewage treatment plant, primary water treatment, storage of chemicals, containment tanks in oil&gas production, aluminum alloys have excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Inalterability to solar effects: Aluminum has an unlimited life even when exposed to UV rays , whereas  Fiber of Glass typically has a 10 year  life span even with  periodic re‐coatings.
  • Walkability: flat covers are walkable and designed with respect to the low requirements. They allow access to every part of the tank cover.
  • Low thermal transmission: Aluminum has high reflectivity/low emissivity minimizing potential algae growth,  whereas other materials  transmits sunlight (heat) to the process potentially  promoting algae growth.
  • Aluminum is non-combustible: the aluminum is non combustible and therefore there are no fire risks . For this reason it is always used in the refineries, oil & gas, and it is becoming astandard material also in waste water treatment plants.
  • Resilience: the aluminum is able to deform elastically under load, returning to its original shape once theweight is removed.
  • Adaptable and versatile: in case of future equipment installation inside the covered tanks ( probes, sensors, pipes, gates etc. ) the aluminum flat covers allows to be modified on site realizing the changes and new manholes without special equipment of lifting.
  • Recyclable: Aluminum maintains its value due to its recyclability. No cost of landfill or disposal, as it is the case with other competing materials.