The aluminum flat covers that we manufacture are installed worldwide since more than 50 years for the odors containments in the municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. We have the experience to identify the problems and suggest appropriate solutions to contain the odors of the existing tanks .

The wwtp’s application phases are the following :

  • Screw pumps , where the inlet waste water is moved from the Archimedes screws generating odors.
  • The feed channels, grit removal and in general all the primary treatments where the floating materials and solids contribute to create the bad odors .
  • The primary sedimentation treatments, with stagnation of sewage and sludge that are not yet biologically treated, and therefore generates bad odors.
  • The equalization tanks of the inlet sewage water or leachate, which accumulates the polluted water before the biological treatments.
  • The sludge thickening tanks , where the sludge is accumulated before the digestion or the dewatering treatments. Here the odor production in concentrated.
  • The aerobic sludge digester tanks where the sludge still have a high content of organic materials, and therefore produces a lot of odors.

Only in special cases and depending on the location of the wwtp’s , other sections are covered :

  • Biologic treatments , like oxidation, nitro-denitro tanks.
  • Final sedimentation and channels for treated water discharge.
  • Final disinfection tanks