A.T Covers s.r.l. has twenty years of experience in aluminum covers for industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.
We offer our customers a complete service from the project design to the installation of the aluminum covers on all types of tanks, whether they are circular, square, rectangular, with or without a rotating bridges and with manholes for the of extraction of areators or machines installed inside the tank. The odor control activity is increasing in Italy and in all the world, it comes as a result the urban expansion which in many cases reaches the suburban areas of the cities where sewage plants are installed .

A.T Covers offer two main types of covers :

  • Aluminum flat covers 
  • Aluminum Geodesic domes 

A.T Covers aluminum covers provide the strength, durability, odor control and protection characteristics unavailable in steel, plastic, fabric or any other materials of construction , which make them a lifetime solution for the odor control.