Optimal solutions for the containment of odors

All the materials we use are in aluminum alloy and stainless steel totally made with prefabricated elements. The main features of the covers produced and installed by A.T Covers s.r.l. are:

  • Structural carpentry (support beams for tanks over 8 m wide) made of 6060 or 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Cover panels, removable, self-supporting and walkable, made of 5052-H32 or 5754-H32 aluminum alloy sheet, with a thickness of 2.5 mm, interlocked with the male-female system suitably designed in order to be easily disassembled for access to the tanks and equipment below.
  • Fastening devices (bolts, special rivets, etc.) in 7075-T73 aluminum alloy and/or 300 stainless steel.
  • Anchor bolts expanding bottom pulls in stainless steel 300 series.
  • Gaskets and seals in Hypalon rubber or similar.
  • Access hatches and the manholes necessary for the extraction of the equipment made as per project in aluminum alloy.
The best solution on the market

Advantages of our covers

The advantages of aluminum alloy covers proposed by A.T Covers S.r.l. are very solid compared to others on the market.


Aluminum magnesium alloy is lighter than other materials and has a weight three times less than iron, steel, bronze and fiberglass. Therefore, no lifting equipment is required for maintenance.


The mechanical strengths can reach over 650 Mpa and this allows to completely eliminate the risks of ductility and structural fragility even at low temperatures.

Uniform structure

Our magnesium aluminum alloy has structural homogeneity regardless of its processing, unlike other materials such as fiberglass.

Corrosion resistance

Resistant to corrosion thanks to the stable layer that covers them, our alloy is practically eternal, as demonstrated by the over 50,000 covers mounted on every type of plant in the world.

Inalterability to solar effects

Entirely unalterable to the effects of sunrays, our aluminum alloy covers are not affected by seasonal cycles, guaranteeing perfect sealing and walkability over time.


Specially designed to make accessible any point of the tank, our flat covers are perfectly walkable and calibrated to the loads required by the standard.

Low thermal transmission

Thanks to the very low heat transmission of aluminum, our covers do not transmit heat into the tanks and avoid the formation of algae or the risk of clogging.


The aluminum is able to deform elastically under load, returning to its original shape once the weight is removed.

Adaptable and versatile

Lightweight and versatile, the aluminum cover can be modified over time without special lifting or handling equipment, in case of interventions on the tanks.


Aluminum maintains its value due to its recyclability. No cost of landfill or disposal, as it is the case with other competing materials.

Aluminum is non-combustible

No fire risk, even with welding near the tanks. For this reason, aluminum is now a standard in sewage treatment plants also used in the oil sector.