Aluminum covers manufacturing for over 25 years

A.T Covers S.r.l. has twenty-five years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing Aluminum covers for industrial and wastewater treatment plants.

The odor containment activity, which is increasingly growing in Italy and abroad, derives from the expansion of inhabited centers which in many cases have reached the suburban areas of the cities where the wastewater treatment plants are located.

In order to protect the citizens living near the sewage treatment plants, the environmental control bodies and the managements of the public and private wwtps are increasingly adopting Aluminum covers in order to avoid odor impacts and complaints from the residents.

A.T Covers S.r.l. offers customers a complete service from design, manufacturing and installation of the Aluminum covers on all types of tanks, which can be circular, square, rectangular, with or without rotating bridges or trap doors, for the maintenance and regular inspections.